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With a global client list.

We are a little different to the norm.

Our background in rehabilitation and chronic disease management, we offer a synergy level of soft tissue knowledge with the skin and body to provide the ultimate non surgical alternatives to skin and body therapy.

From humble beginnings in 2007 working in pre and post surgical rehabilitation and therapy for the skin and body, to award recognised expertise consulting with medical elite, a little Melbourne local business, with a national and global client list for both clients and as mentor to the industry, providing you with the ultimate non-surgical alternative, or pre and post support to plastic surgery, to contour, sculpt, lift and tighten, in addition to high level care for your skin and body.  Where results and value are guaranteed, in a private modern setting overlooking the Melbourne CBD with easy parking and tram access. What's not to love?

"So happy to of found her! I was looking for something other than main stream cosmetic band aid fix that only seem to add to the problem not help reduce it over time. She was very upfront with a no-nonsense attitude. She was real, she was super knowledgeable and she was putting questions back onto me pushing me to question more - A great experience."

- Jenna