Our V-Intimate Results

The results speak for themselves, our clients love our V-Intimate treatments. Even the most conservative clients are happy to strip down to bare, and let us transform their intimate area.

When we asked a client today if she was happy with her result, her response was (the censored version):

"A very noticeable difference...My sex life has completely changed - it's ridiculously how good the result is."

The treatable areas come in two different sections, the internal, and the external, with many times, the internal providing the structural and/or connective support to the exterior tissue.

Although treating the separate sections is an option, combining the sections provides optimal results and regenerative effect.

The treatment regime (to start regen effect) consists of four treatments, each delivered four weeks apart. The type of treatment will vary based on the individual tissue needs and condition. Some more chronic clients may require more treatments, and some less, depending on the grade of treatment needed.

The expected results can aim to help with, depending on treatment approach, lifting and tightening, for sensation and/or pleasure, and for rehabilitation benefit (incontinence).

Peruse our results below, and book online for your free initial consultation (online) or jump straight to treatment appointment.

And yes, complete this treatment course as advised, and you'll have a holiday or homecare gifted to you from our VIP Benefits.


Does it hurt? No - some Panadol and Nurofen will ease the discomfort.

Do I see results? Yes, immediately

What results? Tightening, sensation/pleasure, texture, condition (see below).

Is it permanent? If regen occurs, the results are ongoing for up to 12 to 18 months.

Average cost: $650 per section, per treatment.