They say it’s not the machine, but the knowledge of the professional. The knowledge of the treatment, the knowledge of the specs, and the knowledge of the tissue, and the skin and body. We’re different because we come from a rehabilitation background for both skin and body, with extra studies in science, nutrition and genetics relevant to the skin and functional therapy, we know individual soft tissue, and we have engineering and technical teams we work with in both labs and manufacturing who support us to ensure each treatment, device and product meets our strict criteria, and we usually spend our time explaining to clients why a certain treatment didn’t work for them previously, because we care.


Your most important appointment you’ll ever make for your results, is your consultation, to be comfortable in the knowledge of your professional.


We offer different levels of consultations, as each client has unique needs.

Initial E-Consultation

Free of Charge (confirmation required)

A complimentary 15-min online consultation via Google meet to discuss your needs virtually. 


Basic Studio Appointment, $99 

Credit provided to treatment within 7 days

A 20-min instudio appointment with our expert, to discuss and review your skin and body goals. We’ll give advice on your goals, routine and the ideal way to achieve your results. The $99 fee is credited to your treatment on the day, or within 7 days.


Initial 1,  $249

With complimentary homecare worth $276

A total value appointment of $425, for just $249.

An in studio consultation, with complimentary core home collection, worth $276. If you haven’t read about our life changing products, you need to. Our private collection comes with the highest grade of scientific excellence, and without fillers and buffers, we deliver pure actives that work not just on the skin, but within the skin.


Initial 2, $349

A total value appointment of $774, for just $349.

Our Initial 1, including consultation, with complimentary home core collection worth $276, plus your choice of intro face or body treatment, with the face offering a bespoke active peel, or the body offering our an express HIFEM+ on one area, each worth upto $349.


Initial 3 , $650

A total value appointment of $1123, for just $650.

Our consultation, plus core home care collection, plus both face and body sampler treatments, a package worth upto $1100, for just $650.