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An experience you'll love - our private treatment room with city views has every little detail covered. Float away in memory foam topped treatment bed, be comforted by lush soft linen, and heated Doona if required, and relax deeply as your skin and body are treated to the level you desire. As we are now a home based luxe destination in Southbank, we respect you keep our location private to attending guests only.

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Our Booking Process

Now you've read about all the reasons you want to book with us.

Just a reminder:

1. You pick your price with us, view our price guide here but remember we work within your budget/needs.

2. With premium, you'll earn $, whilst changing lives, and receiving the ultimate experience, and the option of a FREE holiday.

3. What's not to love?

Before making an appointment:


1. Ensure you have read our history, and are happy

2. View our menu, your price will be confirmed before your treatment

4. Read the pre care instructions on our menu, and ensure you come ready

5. Complete the appointment request (as below), to request your appointment.

To request an appointment, you'll need:


1. To provide credit card confirmation

This is to ensure you are a genuine human appointment. This card will only be used in the event of a no show or cancellation, in line with our policy, we need 6-8 hours notice for no fee cancellation. Our $250 consult fee will be charged, or the pre-booked treatment fee when our cancellation fee applies. This is not the system used for your appointment payments. You can pay via cash or other cards at your appointment.


2. To select a preferred day and time on our calendar


- For either an online consult (initial or programming)

Your initial online/phone consultation is complimentary, however programming consults come at a fee; or

- A general online consultation

We have time for our loyal clients, you can request a quick catchup anytime video face to face is needed, or a call.

- An in studio consultation (for programming or treatment)

Your programming consultation is a standard fee of $250, or treatment is as per treatment pricing.


3. When you select a time on our calendar, it will be pencilled in, and only confirmed once your credit card confirmation, and client registration form is completed, subject to our availability. You will receive a pencilled in notification.

4. To complete our client registration form (via email for new clients), and any other pre-appointment forms prior to your appointment (within 2 hours of making the booking, or your appointment request will expire). 


If we accept your appointment, you will receive a final confirmation email.

If we aren’t available at your preferred day/time, we will be in contact to arrange an alternative appointment.

To amend or cancel your appointment, please go back to your digital file, via your email, or our website links, and request cancellation or change.


After your appointment, please:

1. Complete our feedback form (sent via email)

2. If you have any concerns, please discuss them with us privately

3. Leave a review on Google (you'll get rewarded when people see it)

3. Tell everyone you know about us, so you can earn, and change lives

4. Ensure to read and follow the post care instructions on our menu.