The Synergy Experience.

Our VIP rewards spoil you, whilst you receive the best of results and value.

Whilst we know everyone loves a bargain, you actually save more time and money through our synergy level treatments, which are back to back concentration on each layer, requiring no fix ups, and they start a regenerative effect, meaning ongoing results for you.

Free Holiday Vouchers*

When you leave a detailed Google review, and give feedback post each appointment via Fresha, and complete your package/course of synergy level treatments on an area, you'll be gifted the option of a holiday voucher or free bespoke lab formulated core home care, with the holiday offering up to $1500 value of 4 nights accommodation to a location of your choice across Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Fiji, Koh Samui, or Phuket, with two years to travel. You may have to pay local travel/taxes/fees, but we all love a discounted holiday with flexibility.


Free Homecare*

With each synergy level treatment course completed, you earn rewards points, which qualify you for either the holiday, or complimentary core homecare, including a foundation cleanser, hydrator, exfoliant and specialty product. With our manufacturing background, we offer the most effective of actives for skin results, the highest concentration possible pre-prescription required.


Refer A Friend

After your appointment, you'll be asked to leave a review on Google, as we love your recommendations. We recommend making it detailed and intriguing, as we'll gift you $50 credit for every synergy level referral who mentions your review upon booking (we ask them). That might be your family or friends, or complete strangers who see your review online.


Support community

We have a community allocation within our vision, and we ask you which charities you'd love to support, as up to 5% of our net profit from synergy level treatments supports local communities.