HIFU Pricing - Why it varies so damn much...

Yes, we can do a $350 face, however you might want the $2500 face and neck package after we tell you this.

There are so many professionals doing HIFU, but the results, and the prices vary so much, and with that, it doesn’t (or shouldn’t) come down to just the piece of paper qualification, as I’ve consulted for medical elite who blame the laser manufacturers for the patient burns, and avoid the fact it’s actually the professional using the machine that is responsible the outcome.

I won’t go on to rant about my experiences, and how everyday I have clients come to me and tell me they got X treatment and it didn’t work, only for me to tell them of course it didn’t work, your skin wasn’t suited, that comes down to the knowledge of the professional you trust with your results.

Our vision is very much independent, integrity driven, so much so, we have our own engineers we use to double, triple check machine specs, testing etc - because we've learnt the most noise often gives the rose tinted glasses effect.

Back to HIFU, yes, we let you pick your price - after we educate you.

We have mentored the industry, at all levels, therapists, medical etc, and we treat our own clients, we also provide a mentoring service, that ensures you are educated about you, so when you go to your professional, you can make an informed decision (that’s why our consultations come with a fee). We want to stop you wasting money on treatments, and get it right the first time.

HIFU is the closest thing to a surgical facelift, except without the surgery. There is no downtime, no recovery, and nothing but results, but like everything, you get what you pay for.

There are numerous considerations of HIFU, the depths, the pitch, the concentration, the energy, the regions - and the perfect balance must be found for your skin based on it’s condition and initial testing response, to get the best outcome. There is no one size fits all, but our premium comes pretty close.

Think of it like construction, your house. A building needs minimum number of beams and supports to stand up, and last a long time, be stable, then there's the filling in the wall, whether blocks, or insulation, then there's gyprock sheets, and then there’s the plaster for the walls, and then there's paint, not to forget the floor, and the roof.

Basic HIFU is like missing the 2nd, 3rd, 4th beam, leaving the skin with minimal support, no blocks or filling, and no sheets. Premium HIFU is ensuring all beams (structural support), all blocks (connective support) and all sheets (refining / tissue definition) are in place to support the skins layers, tissues, and contours.

Now, the $350 full face, usually doesn’t include full treatments of each level, at high concentration and pitch, meaning gaps are left in both areas, and levels. You’ll be told you’ll need 3-4 treatments to get best results, and you’ll need a touch up every few months. I often compare it to hooks on the wall to hang curtains or artwork, they don't support the wall, and they're only temporary to support the art.

Then there's the $650-$900 full face, a little more detail, again requiring some treatments, and touch ups, and then there's the premium...

The $2500, includes the highest concentration and pitch for your skin, every level is treated, and that ensures exemplary results over time (just look at our results) - and it means you’ll only need one treatment for the foundational setup for that year, and a touchup 12-18mths later. It also treats the conditioning of the skin, having it’s impact felt across pigmentation, and general skin health.

Ohh, and just because it’s us, we include no dot plasma for the face, or HIFEM body treatment with our premium HIFU included at no extra cost

Now you may not need the premium option, but prevention sure is better than a cure - and that is why, we allow you to choose your price with us.

Not to mention you’re half way to earning a free holiday voucher worth upto $1500* with premium, and you're supporting your favourite charity.

Enough from me, if you'd like to book your initial consultation, no matter where you are in the world, they're held online. Yes, there is a fee, because we educate you on you, the do's and don'ts of treatments for you, so you can book anywhere and have the knowledge to make an informed decision for yourself - or book with us knowing you'll always be happy, the choice is yours.

To book, head here www.synergyskinbody.com.au/book


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Next up on the list, body contouring, and why that $99 per session may be your most expensive choice yet...

And why that treatment didn't get the result you were looking for.

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