Our Breast Transformation

A very popular service, for both men and women, our breast transformation is a custom appointment depending on your tissue's

needs, and your desired outcome, with our synergy level encouraging a natural lift, contour, tightening and natural volume effect.

The treatment shows immediate results that continue to develop over time, and whether you want to lift, reduce, add natural volume, we design the treatment to suit your needs. To encourage regen, our synergy level costs on average $2500, only usually requiring one session, with back to back concentration on each layer, with all individual layers treated, whilst if we do sectional treatment, the cost ranges from $650-$1500 depending on the concentration.

This treatment is not an alternative to breast augmentation, however is the natural option for people wanting prep or maintenance, or a surgical alternative with natural results.

The appointment takes approximately 90minutes, with a discomfort level clients often say a blend of Neurofen and Panadol, and taking Arnica one hour before appointment can assist with, with many clients adding SYN-Sculpt to the treatment to gain extra results, but also distraction during the treatment.

You may be left with redness and/or bruising following your appointment, but that usually resolves within 7 days.

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