Bespoke skin health treatments that deliver results, our treatments are fully customised to your skin’s needs, and vary in levels of concentration and treatment.

Our knowledge of the individual soft tissues means each portion of skin is treated uniquely, and not via template methods. Our blends may include a combination of modalities and custom formulated dermal treatments, with our menu options including the below, and treatment levels vary based on your needs.

Dermal Scanning

Our dermal scanning offers both interlayer condition and surface layer discovery, and is provides a good look at what’s happening within our layers. 

From $149


Hydra+ Facial

A multi step bespoke results facial to deep clean, extract, polish, infuse and hydrate, our Hydra+ Facial comes in multi level treatment options, starting from $149 as a prep. 

Custom Dermal Planning and Enzyme Therapy

Biomimetic peels of chiral nature to deliver outstanding results and skin health benefits, each of our bespoke dermal peels play an important role in reducating cellular DNA, and come in multiple layers, from pre peel, to deep dermal, or skin health.

Whether it’s natural hydration, sensitivity, or pigmentation, we work directly with our partner scientists to deliver results, right up to our cosmos peel, delivering quicker results with a lesser downtime than high grade derm peels. 

Alone, the peels range from $149, however the best results come when each layer is treated individually together, to form synergy.