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As we age, gravity happens, and whether that’s from just natural ageing, a lot of fun, childbirth, or the pull of waxing, our V-intimate is the ultimate non-surgical solution for you.

Our V-Intimate treatment ranges from the internal, to the external, and the behind, to help tighten, lift, and improve appearance, sensation, and function. Our clients tell us their intimacy improves greatly, whilst their daily function and comfort also improves greatly, and their partners, and their waxing therapists, notice the difference.

Whether it’s for pleasure, or for comfort, our V-Intimate treatment delivers, for both women and men.

For Women, we treat the entire V intimate (internal and/or external) and behind area.

For Men, we can help with the sack, and behind area.

Pricing based on area and detail, from $249-$999 per treatment per region (behind /  V / labia), for the lifting, tightening, and progressive transformation.

Internal $650 per treatment (or from $350 for sectional)

External $650 per treatment (or from $350 for sectional)

Behind (Anus) $350-$650 per treatment (Midi and External)

Internal and External V - $999 when combined per treatment

Internal, External V, and Behind - $1500 when combined, per treatment

There is a recommendation of four treatments, spaced four weeks apart for the best results, and with this plan, the results will continue to develop over 12-18 months, and touch ups not required for that time, unless of course, you want more focus on individual layers.

Modalities include Ultra V, RF or Radar, and each treatment is customised to your needs. The treatments are comfortable. 

We also provide skin health treatments, including extractions, lightening, and conditioning treatments, available as an add on, ranging from $69-$249 per treatment.

Things to consider:


  • Do you want internal improvement, for pleasure, function, or just preservation?

  • Is the external area appearing loose or dropping?

  • Is the anal area appearing loose or dropping?

  • If function is a concern, we recommend considering this in combination with core physical treatments.





What treatment is it?

Our background coming from a physical therapy background in rehabilitation, and coming into skin, means we’re about truly custom treatments, based on your needs, as our knowledge is soft tissue, rather than template machine manuals. Often our appointments include a range of non surgical treatments to guide the best result, and this will be discussed at your appointment.


Does it hurt?

No, the treatment is comfortable. A mild heat response from the tissue may occur. If you are concerned, clients say they take some Panadol/Neurofen one hour before their appointment.


Are results guaranteed?

This is up to your natural tissue result, and your programming, along with your natural level of awareness (not everyone focuses on the V area personally), however to date, every client has noticed a difference, most after their first session.