Facial Wash

Love yourself,

change lives.

We need your help.

There are so many reasons our clients love our vision...

  1. You can choose your price with us

  2. We educate and also treat, meaning you can be advised by us, and treated elsewhere, if you wish

  3. With premium, you change lives and earn a holiday

  4. One of a kind, award recognised results, and knowledge

  5. No more hustle - A super flexible, a private modern treatment room, home based in Southbank, awaits you for treatments by appointment, 7 days a week.

Before Covid, we were a bustling little clinic on Bourke Street in the City, providing life changing results, and trusted with pre and post surgery, or preventative alternatives for both the skin and the body.

The trust comes from a long successful career beginning with rehab therapy (physical) in 2007, responsible for the care of special needs individuals, research rehabilibation for robotic limbs, and pre and post surgery, before noticing the gap between the body's health, and the skin, and continuing into the world of natural, regenerative skin health, without the need of needles or surgery, based on studies in genetic science, dermal planning and skin therapy. We have been award recognised and dubbed "the industry's best", and have mentored and consulted to both industry and medical elite, however due to our global business family, live a private, quiet life.

When Covid hit, it gave us time to reflect, and whilst we had committed our lives to helping special need individuals through rehab and care, whilst also using our power for purpose, building homes for disability and people in need - the eight months of shut down, made us think, how can we do more?

And that's when Love Yourself, Change Lives was born. 


A hero vision, where people can choose their price and level of care, but with premium, they receive the best results, whilst supporting the charity of their choice, and earning their way to a FREE 4 night, 5 day holiday across Australia, New Zealand, and the tropical islands, with two years to travel.

Our clients love us, you can read our historic reviews on our website whilst we request them to re-upload to Google after a Facebook hacking incident during the lockdown - many of them still loyal since 2007.

Our results make people say "WOW, where have you been all my life?" including those working for the surgeons and dermatologists we've consulted for, and overall, we just like to make a difference in the world.

We are now based at a modern home based location in Southbank, with national clients, who book online for our mentoring service, to be educated to make an informed decision regarding their treatments, whether with us, or another clinic in their location, we put an end to no results, and a lot of clients travel to see us in Melbourne, with us travelling to regional pop up clinics with bookings of 10 or more.


We need your help to spread the word.

Call us old fashioned, but pre - Melbourne, we weren't online in the world of Instagram, that comes from family upbringing. However we've evolved, and we need your help to spread the word of our vision, so we can continue to change lives, of our clients, and support charities as well.

What we can offer.

As we are climbing back post Covid lockdown, we can offer a $100 referral payment for premium clients who mention your keyword name upon booking.

In addition to this, we can offer a contra opportunity for treatments, in return for videos / photos and your efforts to push the word out into the world, for a fair and equal value.

We are looking for a long term partnership, on a win win basis.

What's next?

Let's chat.


Email us at melbourneskinbody@gmail.com to discuss your usual fees for the contra arrangement, and availability for appointment times etc.

We lead a fair and honest life, and will ensure all terms are understood and an agreement executed before getting started, to avoid any future problems.