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You'll always be happy with us, but we'll explain to you why you get better value and results with our premium level, which end up the best value over time.

We are known for our honesty and integrity-driven ways of business, with clients loving the flexibility of our service. But first, we'll educate you on your skin and body, and make our recommendation, giving the reasons why, for you to make your informed decision. There is a booking fee assocated with reserving an appointment, to cover our time, and will be credited to your treatment should you choose to be treated. Any cancellations will require an 8-hour notice period for the booking fee to be credited.

Others probably won’t tell you this, but with HIFU (and other things in life), you get what you pay for, in depth, concentration, area, and end result. Our industry leading therapist has advanced knowledge of the skin and body, and technology and systems to not only ensure best results, but also informed decision making for you. We’ve included some price guides of preset areas below, but also explain the different ranges of treatment levels, and their benefits.

Our Initial Consultation | If you are wanting treatment in this appointment, it will be done in studio. If you are simply enquiring, this will be completed by phone or online.

The Basic |  Meets the basic needs of the treatment - best for the bargain hunter who only wants one specific item treated, not the supporting areas. But be warned, often you need 8-10x or more of basic treatment to receive 1x a premium result.

Standard | Is a high-quality standard treatment - those who want quality but not the ultimate detailed experience, often requiring 4-6 compared to the 1x of premium.

Premium | Is the ultimate, consultation included, analysis, all levels treatment, and details are taken care of to ensure the best of results - PLUS you receive added benefits, like earning up to $100 per premium referral,  a FREE holiday* with any premium package purchased on a points system. Premium is for those who want the long term results of plastic surgery, but without the downtime, knives, needles, and side effects. Premium is on average 1,2 or 3 treatments depending on your status and needs.

Confirmation and Our Location | As we are now a home-based business in Southbank providing easy parking and a friendly, private environment, we respectfully ask you do not share our location details when provided to you. All bookings will require credit card confirmation, and payment can either be safely held in escrow through our provider, or can be made in full on the day. Fair cancellations with enough notice (8hrs) will incur no fee, however late cancellations, or no shows, will incur full consult fee charge.


Simply book a full course / package of the premium face and body options, and you'll receive a complimentary holiday voucher, to the value of upto $1500.

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Simply book premium, and be our ambassador for change, earning $100 for every premium referral.

The Initial.

Please ensure you read and complete our registration form, whilst reviewing our services and pricing ranges, along with prep and aftercare instructions.


When your appointment is booked in our system, it will require credit card confirmation and a held value of $250 for the appointment, which will be credited to your treatment on the day. If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 8 hours notice, to have this confirmation payment released back to you, or credited to your next appointment.

No shows will not have a credit applied.


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Holiday with us.

When you refer premium clients, and reach our angel level of referral, we'll give you the option of $ or the holiday.

Lower Body

 HIFEM Body Sculpting 

The ultimate non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery to sculpt and shape the body, and continues to work beyond the treatment time, burning fat and building muscle, targeting areas that exercise cannot.

Doing what exercise can't do.

HIFEM Technology targets the underlying muscles to build muscle, burn fat, and providing definition whilst strengthening your core. It's the equivalent to 20,000 situps in 30 minutes, an average 19% increase in muscle mass, and an average 16% average fat reduction over a course of treatments, and our special machine means extra attention to detail through custom programming, and two treatment areas at one time, giving you double the value - it's a favourite with our competitor clients, and rehabilitation clients.

Whilst HIFU tightens, lifts and sculpts the layers of the skin on the face and body, the body requires a little more support, considering fat and muscle, and all other things that make you the shape you are - and HIFEM treats those internal areas. 


A great option for those who want to fast forward their fitness journey, comp prep, or special needs and rehabilitation clients who are unable to complete normal physical activity due to injury.

HIFEM Price Guide

HIFEM Pricing

BEST SELLER - For those who want the Face and Body Experience, our best selling package includes premium HIFU for Face and Neck, plus HIFEM for Stomach and Arms, AND No Dot Plasma for the Face for a package price of $2500 (RRP $3800).

Pricing is above, remembering we may offer a better price based on your consultation.

HIIFEM per session - basic $350.00 per tx (one area)

HIIFEM per session - standard $500.00 per tx (one area)

HIFEM per session - basic $500.00 per tx (two areas)

HIFEM per session - premium $1000.00 per tx (two areas)

HIFEM Contraindications

  • For ladies, this treatment is best done when not on your period

  • This treatment is not suited for pregnancy or breastfeeding

  • Any heart conditions, or medical issues, such as kidney or epilepsy, metal or electronic implants, are contraindications and treatment cannot be performed

  • All metal jewellery must be removed

  • No exercise one hour before or after treatment, and no food one hour before.

This treatment is best suited to those with a healthy lifestyle, as the best results come in combination with physical activity. A minimum of four sessions over two weeks is recommended.


Will I see results? YES, and they will vary based on the level you choose, but our clients rave about their results, even after their first session, they can see and feel it working. For best results, four sessions over two weeks gives best outcomes, in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

Does it hurt? NO, it's a strange sensation, what one could imagine of 20,000 situps packed into 30 minutes, you can definitely feel it working.

Why is it so good? Well, if you're a competitive gym goer (like our clients) it gives you the edge and advancement over your competition, in both time, and definition, as it targets the muscles exercise cannot. If you're one of our special care rehabilitation clients, it provides the work and results over and above what you'd achieve in your limited exercise routine. If you're just an everyday person who likes to maintain the body and prevent ageing, it does exactly that, by working with the deeper muscular areas, burning fat, contouring defining and sculpting the body - and the results continue to develop for upto 12 weeks following treatment.

Basic Vs Premium​... What's the difference? Our premium treatment option, not only saves you 50% on treating two areas at a premium level at the one time, it also includes advanced programming, offering deeper, more concentrated treatment to provide better results, tailored to your needs. Our basic and standard options provide basic or standard programming, and a simple treatment approach, not specifically targetting problem layers, often providing lesser results, and requiring more treatments. We'll advise you if you are able to downgrade, or are best suited to the premium treatment.


Before your appointment - Please come with clean, dry skin, and no food for one hour before your appointment time.

During your appointment - Relax on our memory foam treatment bed, knowing your body is getting a workout over and beyond a standard gym session, targeting those areas that exercise cannot. We will tailor the programming to suit your needs.


After your appointment - Just like a workout, drink plenty of water, and avoid exercise for one hour, returning to normal life.

Two Women

 Advanced HIFU 

The only non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery that targets the deeper SMAS layer of the face and body, that continues to work after the treatment, with no surgical downtime or side effects.

When plastic surgery isn't an option.

The non surgical alternative to a facelift or liposuction, to tighten, lift and sculpt all layers of the skin, including the deeper SMAS layer, which is targeted during a non surgical facelift. With HIFU, it is important to know that specific depths, pitch and width provide different results, and this is why we'll educate you on YOU so you can make your informed choice

Read our latest blog HIFU Pricing - why it varies so damn much here.

HIFU Price Guide

Advanced HIFU Levels

It's not the equipment that gets the result, its the knowledge and application of your treating professional, we specialise in the non surgical remodelling of the skin and body, and have completed HIFU treatments for years (you could almost call us industry veterans).

The deeper layer, provides the structural lift, and depending on your skin, a little, or a lot of work may be needed here, that will vary the area and concentration of treatment, including the pitch and width.

The mid layer, is for collagen and connective tissue, the foundational section that provides the cushioning and contour to support the sculpt effect, again, depending on your skin, you may need a little, or a lot of work in this layer.

The upper layer, is for the skin refining, the sculpting effect, the support sections behind those expression lines you see on the surface. These are often targeted in an express treatment option if the mid and deeper layers are in good form.

Advanced HIFU Pricing

We are known for our honesty and integrity-driven ways of business, with clients loving the flexibility of our service. 

Depending on your budget, or needs, what we will tell you, is our premium option always treats all layers, nothing left untouched, to provide a long term, sustainable option, whether it’s for the whole area, or a section only.

Our standard treatments, are the semi’s of the skin world, a balance between the foundational support, and the upper appearance layers, whilst our basic is a simple solution treatment of a targeted / isolated problem. Then we have the express, which is the quick pick me up, and our premium, leaving nothing untouched.

Also remembering, our premium treatment earns your way to FREE Holiday vouchers worth upto $1500, and supports the chosen charity of your choice.

Our Best Selling Package

Includes premium HIFU for face, eyes, lips and neck, PLUS premium HIFEM on stomach and arms, all for just $2500.

Please view the price guide above, keeping in mind we customise our treatments, and may be able to reduce pricing based on your needs.

HIFU Contraindications

We can't treat people who are going through chemo / radiation, or those with sensitive skin, scarring or infection, neurological disorders, heart, kidney conditions, diabetes, or epilepsy.


Any recent surgeries, implants, or nerve sensitivity will also be a no to this treatment, along with pregnancy and breastfeeding. 


Anyone will fillers or injectables will need to wait four weeks minimum, and before considering fillers, speak with us, as we often treat to prepare or prevent invasive treatments.

HIFU Before Your Appointment

  • Please come with clean, dry skin.

  • Feel free to take some Panadol one hour before your treatment if discomfort is a concern to you.

HIFU After Your Appointment

Is pretty simple, hydrate and care for your skin, always wearing SPF..Avoid hot situations (saunas etc) and active acid based products for one week following treatment.


Will I see results? YES, and they will vary based on the level you choose, but our clients rave about their results, they can see and feel it working. If you're a younger skin for prevention, HIFU helps prevent the sag and drop, maintaining good health, whilst aged skins will notice a direct improvement in lift, tightening, and condition.

Does it hurt? NO, it's a strange sensation, like a constant rubber band flicking fast. We always advise to take panadol one hour before your appointment to take the edge off it.

Why is it so good? Well, it's the closest you'll get to a facelift or liposuction, in a non surgical option, and combined with our knowledge of the skin and body and HIFU technology, our results are well loved with our clients, offering instant and long lasting lifting and tightening, that continues to develop over 12 weeks after the treatment. A perfect prep or prevention to fillor and invasive therapies.

During your appointment - Relax on our memory foam treatment bed, knowing your skin is getting a workout that will last for years to come, and continue to develop over time. The perfect alternative to plastic surgery and invasive procedures.


Fractional RF

from $250. Details coming soon.

Smiling Woman
Face Complexion

Corrective Peels

Details coming soon.

Skin Health

Divine skin treatments in house in synergy with one of a kind knowledge of the skin and body.

Details coming soon.


But Wait.

Our one of a kind results come from our knowledge, and we'll be honest when we tell you what works for others may not work for you, as you are not a carbon copy, and this is why we offer consultations with our premium level, to educate you on YOU. There is no one fix with skin and body, and we exist to provide a low maintenance option, and educate you on ongoing care.​ We're known for our honesty and transparency when it's in your best interest, let us guide you.

The Specifics.

  • Our appointments are subject to availability, Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm, and childminding is subject to availability

  • Our location is next door to Crown Casino, with tram 96 and 109 stopping out the front, easy street parking, and FREE parking for premium clients with long booking times

  • You get what you pay for, but we want to change lives with our business, that's why you can choose your price with us, lets make it happen

  • Please read the prep and care instructions of your treatment for best results, as we are not responsible for incorrect homecare before or after your appointment

  • We are therapy level qualified for skin and body, with post studies in rehabilitation, nutrition, dermal science and genetics, and with work experience with medical elite - whilst our knowledge may leave you saying WOW due to an obsession with science, we always encourage you to speak with your doctor, and will happily make referrals to the best cosmetic professionals for further treatment

  • For full terms, please click book now below to agree, and request your appointment.