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You'll always be happy with us, but we'll explain to you why you get better value and results with our synergy level, which end up the best value over time, as it treats each layer, and causes regen.

You'd need 6+ basic level treatments to get a similar synergy level result, but only synergy will deliver the ongoing results, and VIP benefits.

We are known for our honesty and integrity-driven ways of business, with clients loving the flexibility of our service. But first, we'll educate you on your skin and body, and make our recommendation, giving the reasons why, for you to make your informed decision. To make a booking with us, we'll require credit card confirmation, to ensure a genuine booking. This card will not be used for treatment payment, but only used in the event of a no show or late cancellation.

Any cancellations will require an 6-hour notice period (via our system, SMS or email), otherwise no shows /late cancellations will incur a consultation fee of $250 being charged. 

Others probably won’t tell you this, but with the skin and body (and other things in life), you get what you pay for, in depth, concentration, area, and end result. Our industry-leading therapist has advanced knowledge of the skin and body due to a rehabilitation and research background, and internal technology and systems support, to not only ensure best results, but also informed decision-making for you. We’ve included some price guides of the different layers and areas below, but also explain the different ranges of treatment levels, the layers we treat, and their benefits. There's  good reason why we've got global clients loyal since 2007.

The Initial.

Our initial consult is a via phone / video call/in-studio consultation, and is a complimentary 10-15 minute consultation to discuss your needs, being complimentary when you book a treatment, your $99 booking deposit will be credited to your treatment. Please ensure you read and complete our registration form, whilst reviewing our services and pricing ranges, along with prep and aftercare instructions.

Following this initial consultation, you're able to book your in-studio treatments with us. When your appointment is booked in our system, it will require credit card confirmation. 


Our Benefits.

Holiday with us.

You'll receive a complimentary holiday voucher, to the value of upto $1500 with any premium package.

Pick your Price + BONUSES

Basic to synergy pricing levels, and free homecare and rewards when you book synergy level.

Refer a friend.

Receive $50 credit or cash, to spend towards your next appointment, when your friend books premium.

Results Guarantee

We guarantee our results with our synergy options, viewable by comparison.

Our favourite part.. Supporting community and charities.
With our synergy level treatment packages, we'll donate 5% of the net profit to your choice of charity.

Yoga Practice

How we work.

We offer a bespoke solution to our client needs, educating you on you, and the individual layer of your skin and body that may require treatment. We consult with independent engineering, technology and science experts to ensure the technology we use is the best of class, and in our knowledgeable hands and care, you're assured genuine care and results.

Bespoke care and results.

Your initial discovery consultation is a complimentary 15-min phone or online consultation to discuss your needs when you book a treatment following, your $99 booking fee will be credited.

For non-local or consultation clients, programming appointments (non treatment) are $250, including your consultation and programming, with email summary. This saves you time and money ensuring the correct treatment the first time, no matter where you are in the world.

We treat each dermis and physical layer individually, and our pricing depends on the number of layers and the concentration per layer we treat. Our consultations/time is charged for our industry leading results and knowledge ensure client's don't waste time or money on the wrong treatments, no matter where they're located in the world. 

Regeneration (ongoing results) occurs with a full concentration of all layers, being the synergy option of treatment, usually only requiring one full treatment for the Hypo/Dermis regions (or split into four individual layers), and four sessions for the physical layers, whilst basic cosmetic level treatment requires multiple treatments.

4-6 basic level treatments = the near result level of one synergy level treatment.

The different layers

Physical (Muscle, fat, fluid, tissue of the physical layer)
We offer synergy between the physical and dermal layers of your body, due to our rehabilitation background.. When we refer to physical layers, it is the physical below the skin layers, usually including muscle, fat, fluid tissue etc.

Hypodermis (Foundation layers of the skin)
The foundation layers of the skin, where fat and connective tissue is found.

Dermis (The layer below the Epidermis)
Located beneath the epidermis, is the home of connective tissue, hair follicles and sweat glands.

Epidermis (The surface layer)
The surface, outermost layer of the skin, provides a waterproof barrier, and is responsible for our skin tone.


Two Women

Hypodermis / Dermis

Under the surface skin layers ie. remodelling / contouring.

The only non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery that targets the deeper SMAS layer of the face and body, that continues to work after the treatment, with no surgical downtime or side effects.

When plastic surgery isn't an option.

We treat each dermis layer individually, and our pricing depends on the number of layers and the concentration per layer we treat. Each layer can have multiple inner layers / sections requiring treatment. 

Regeneration occurs with a full concentration of all layers, being the premium option of treatment, bringing many benefits for the remodelling and improvement of shape and contour, conditioning and appearance of skin from the inner layers, improving for 12-18 months post treatment.

Our premium level usually only requires one treatment, when sectional requires multiple treatments.

The below price guide shows an example of basic to synergy pricing.

But different.

With HIFU, it is important to know that specific depths, pitch and width, and concentration provide different results, and this is why we'll educate you on YOU so you can make your informed choice. It's not just the machine that delivers the results, but the knowledge and skill of the professional using the machine.

Read our latest blog HIFU Pricing - why it varies so damn much here.

Foundation / Contour Price Guide

The non-surgical alternative to Lipo.

The ultimate non-surgical alternative to plastic surgery to sculpt and shape the physical layers, that continues to work beyond the treatment time, burning fat, processing fluid, and building muscle, targeting areas that exercise cannot.


HIFEM Technology targets the underlying muscles to build muscle, burn fat, and providing definition whilst strengthening your core. It's the equivalent to 20,000+ situps in 30 minutes, an average 19% increase in muscle mass, and an average 16% average fat reduction over a course of treatments, and our special machine means extra attention to detail through custom programming, the option of interlayer treatment through hypodermis with our premium, and two treatment areas at one time, giving you double or triple the value - it's a favourite with our competition sculpting clients, and rehabilitation clients.

A great option for those who want to fast forward their fitness journey, comp prep, or special needs and rehabilitation clients who are unable to complete normal physical activity due to injury.


The Physical

Below the dermis and hypodermis layers of the skin, the physical elements of the body contribute to the shape and contour, particularly in the regions of the arms, stomach, bum and legs.

But different.

We treat each layer of the physical region (fat/muscle/fluid/tissue) to your needs, with our pricing ranging depending on the number of layers and concentration per layer we treat, with basic offering simple cosmetic benefits, with some risks associated, and our synergy level offering end to end rehabilitation, regenerative, health, body and connective skin benefit. A minimum of four premium sessions over two weeks is recommended to encourage regen, and for best results, in combination with dermal treatments to ensure consistency between the layers. 

it is important to know that specific treatments, depths, pitch and width, and concentration provide different results, and this is why we'll educate you on YOU so you can make your informed choice. It's not the machine that delivers the results, but the knowledge and skill of the professional using the machine.

VIP Rewards

When you book and complete your four synergy level sessions on one area, you'll be gifted your choice of a holiday voucher, or our core skin pack.

Breast Transformation

One of our best selling transformations, is our non surgical regen based breast treatment. Perfect for pre implant preparation, or to begin the balancing post explant, or a complete non surgical option, we tighten, lift, and improve volume through regen theory.

Face Complexion


Where all the conditioning happens. The Epidermis is the protective surface layer of the skin, which holds all the tonal value. If we are remodelling the underlayers (Hypo/Dermis) the natural surface area of the skin will change, and with that, we can tighten the surface layer, and/or work on the condition of the skin and tone, including sensitivity, pigmentation, fine lines and bacteria.

Our Location

Post Covid, we have swapped city sensations to city and sea views, with a modern, private studio at 99 Whiteman Street, Southbank, next door to Crown Casino. There is easy street parking (free after 6.30pm weekdays, or 12.30pm Saturdays), along with trams 109 and 96 stopping at our door step (Clarendon Street Junction / Southbank Tram Depot stops). If travelling by train, Southern Cross Station is a 10-minute walk.

Premium appointments over one hour, have the option of private parking. Please SMS us on 0410 899 832 when you arrive in the foyer of 99 Whiteman Street, five minutes prior to your appointment, and we will come down to meet you.

The Specifics.

  • Please read the prep and care instructions of your treatment for best results, as we are not responsible for incorrect homecare before or after your appointment

  • We are therapy level qualified for skin and body, with post studies in rehabilitation, nutrition, dermal science and genetics, and with work experience with medical elite - whilst our knowledge may leave you saying WOW due to an obsession with science, we always encourage you to speak with your doctor, and will happily make referrals to the best cosmetic professionals for further treatment

  • For full terms, please click book now below to agree, and request your appointment.