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We offer a non surgical, non invasive, regenerative approach to transform the lips, that can be used in synergy with lip filler for prep and maintenance, or as an alternative for those wanting a natural alternative. 

We specialise in balancing, with a natural symmetry, lifting, and natural volume, with the end result bespoke to your needs, whether it's correction, a natural plump, or a dramatic transformation.

We don't believe in the quick fix, with long term side effects, however you can see clearly the positive result post our premium treatments, as seen above.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on your individual needs, the number of layers we treat, and the concentration per layer, along with supportive sections of tissue. As a guide, simple level treatments usually range from $250, whilst premium is $650 for the lip area. Simple may require multiple treatments, whilst premium is usually just one or two, and includes regen (ongoing results).

What treatment do you use?

This depends entirely on your individual tissues, however we specialise in non invasive therapies and regenerative science.

Is there any downtime?

No. You may leave our studio feeling the treatment internally (as we are working with the under layers of the skin), but on the surface, perhaps just mild redness.

I want fillers though...

Our service is an alternative to fillers, as we believe in regenerative science, and works great as a prep to fillers, as it conditions the tissues to perform better.