Our Location

Pre Covid, we were a bustling modern clinic on Bourke Street. Post Covid-19, we've listened to our clients' needs, and we are now a modern discreet destination. private full service studio, home based, with Crown Casino as our neighbour, offering Melbourne city views and bay water views, a private modern oasis with street and/or tram access, and appointments available 24/7 upon request. A modern escape, with private amenities, cloud like treatment bed, premium linen, and all the little luxuries our clients are accustomed to - with total convenience and one on one attention.


Monday to Sunday 9am (first) and 9pm (last) by request.


0410 899 832



99 Whiteman Street, Southbank 3006


Via appointment.


About us

Beginning in 2007, after a highly successful career in rehabilitation and physical therapy, along with rehabilitation for skin therapy, working with medical elite for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, research, and alternative care, Suzannah returned to her caring foundations, to bring synergy between skin, body, and community - and Synergy Skin and Body Therapy was born, offering the ultimate experience for clients, at the same time, supporting communities globally, with a local base in Melbourne, and a global client list.

Synergy is a vision where clients can choose their price and level of care, with premium options giving back to the community. 

A diploma qualified skin therapist with additional studies in health, fitness, rehabilitation, chronic disease management, nutrition, genetic counselling (skin), and tertiary qualifications in business, marketing, public relations, and journalism, our founder has an extraordinary background, raised around the world with business elite, whilst helping the world's most vulnerable - she has been award recognised not only for one of a kind knowledge in skin and health from early days in rehabilitation and chronic disease management, but her impact on community and business on a global scale as well. 

Suzannah has been award recognised for not only her knowledge of the skin and body, but also her impact on business and community, using her power for purpose, providing homes, jobs, and hope for people in need.

2015 ABIA Australian Day Spa of The Year, Finalist

2015 ABIA Customer Care of The Year, Finalist


2015 Council Young Community Woman of The Year, Finalist

2015 CBWC Small Business of The Year, Finalist

2015 Australian Institute of Management, Finalist

2014 Innovation and Tropical Medicine Awards, Finalist

Our Experience

2017 - now

2011 - 2016

2007 - 2011

Synergy was born, a win-win for clients, people and community, and quickly captivated the world with the return of our results and impact, our founder and therapist wanted her skin and health background to start helping everyday individuals, not just those who could afford to treat themselves.

Our award recognised, and globally loved therapist was recognised as 'top of the industry' and admired by other therapists, and industry leaders, as the gap between skin and health was resolved, and a high level homecare special needs support aid was an extension of the one stop skin, health, spa and makeup destination with a global client list. Suzannah was trusted by highly private families for the skin and body care of members during difficult times after the vision evolved when Suzannah's mother, a highly respected member of the law society, was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. The vision had generations of clients from around the world, and with this success, provided help and opportunity to vulnerable members of community. Suzannah's mother passed in 2014, months after Suzannah welcomed her daughter who is a mini Suzannah representing the same values, Isabella into the world, and Suzannah's partner was critically injured in a work incident in 2016, an event which required Suzannah's skillset on a fulltime basis.

Suzannah was a very high in demand, beauty and skin therapist, and rehabilitation based physical therapist - assisting with chronic disease and injury rehabilitation of complex cases, teaching people to walk and run again, before continuing into further studies of the synergy between skin and body on a cellular level, when she noticed the change in her mother's skin, the slowing of her mother's motor function, and the early symptoms of what took Doctor's four years to diagnose, and Suzannah noticed naturally, Motor Neuron Disease - the beginning of Suzannah's recognised professional and personal life as a carer and therapist of high need individuals, and very private families, Suzannah became a trusted guardian of skin and body care due to her knowledge, experience, care, and extreme attention to detail.


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