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Beginning in 2007, after a highly successful career in rehabilitation and physical therapy, along with rehabilitation for skin therapy, working with medical elite for pre and post surgical rehabilitation, research, and alternative care, Suzannah returned to her caring foundations, to bring synergy between skin, body, and community - and Synergy Skin and Body Therapy was born, offering the ultimate experience for clients, at the same time, with a local base in Melbourne, and a global client list.

Synergy is a vision where clients can choose their price and level of care, with premium options giving long term regen, rehabilitation and cosmetic benefits, along with VIP benefits including free homecare, and free holidays*.

A diploma qualified skin therapist with additional studies in health, fitness, rehabilitation, chronic disease management, nutrition, genetic counselling (skin), and additional tertiary qualifications - she has been award recognised not only for one of a kind knowledge in skin and health from early days in rehabilitation and chronic disease management, but her impact on community and business on a global scale as well, helping people to walk again, and learn to love themselves. The key difference, and as to why our results are so unique, is due to our level of detail and care, having a science knowledge of individual tissues and layers of the skin and body, studies in genetics, and knowing how each tissue type works together, in addition to a technical knowledge of parameters of treatment to cause an intended effect on the tissues - an experience level which is vastly different to standard treatment machine theory as a template effect.

Suzannah has been recognised through awards for her knowledge in the field of skin and body therapy, and rehabilitation.

2015 ABIA Australian Day Spa of The Year, Finalist

2015 ABIA Customer Care of The Year, Finalist

2015 Council Young Community Woman of The Year, Finalist

2015 CBWC Small Business of The Year, Finalist

2015 Australian Institute of Management, Finalist

2014 Innovation and Tropical Medicine Awards, Finalist

Due to our background in research, we bring the technical knowledge of engineering behind science and technology, along with the therapy knowledge of the tissues within the body, to provide a truly bespoke solution to our clients.
No quick fix, lack of result, cookie cutter solutions here.

Our Studio  
99 Whiteman Street

Pre Covid, we were a bustling modern clinic on Bourke Street. Post Covid-19, we've listened to our clients' needs, and we are now a modern and convenient destination. A private full service studio, with Crown Casino as our neighbour, offering Melbourne city views and bay water views, a modern oasis with street and/or tram access, private parking subject to availability, and appointments available 24/7 upon request. A modern escape, with private amenities, cloud like treatment bed, premium linen, and all the little luxuries our clients are accustomed to - with total convenience and one on one attention.


Our Reputation

During Covid, our Facebook page was hacked, however below you'll find a extensive sample of testimonials as written by clients, and provided upon request, and updated reviews on Google.

"She hasn't only ousted the phrase beauty is only skin deep, she's obliterated it."

“A world-class vision that reaches far beyond the limits of typical clinics for results, offering a concentrated alternative to care, whether for everyday lifestyle, or chronic disease management, and rehabilitation. Rather than relying solely on topical methods, she specialises in research down to the cellular and genetic levels to identify the cause of the symptoms. With the millions of microscopic changes that happen in our bodies every day, looking at the blueprints - can give a level of insight into the causes of many chronic conditions, and their impact on the body at a higher level. With this information, she can accurately identify the root cause of your symptoms and provide effective treatment, based on your genetic profile. She hasn't ousted the phrase "beauty is only skin deep", she’s obliterated it, offering full spectrum skin and body therapy that is unmatched in knowledge, expertise, and results.


A truly life changing, mind blowing experience which has not followed trend, but set a new standard on a worldwide level in care for the skin and physical health, on a more concentrated, full spectrum level.”

- Riordan.

She is one of a kind.

“ For the last 3 years I have lived with crippling infections and eczema in both hands. So bad that I could not work or change my baby’s nappies or open a jar of vegemite, or wash my hair or do anything actually. I've relied on family and friends to help me. I have lived on steroid creams, moisturisers, and antibiotics, and had to wear rubber gloves during the day and cotton gloves at night. WELL after just three months of treatment from the amazing Suzannah, I can honestly say the future of my hands and general health is finally looking bright. Suzannah is amazing at what she does. She is compassionate, caring, dedicated and full of knowledge. Even when I could not afford treatment she still treated me and let me pay it off. There are not enough people like her in the world. She is one of a kind and I am so grateful I made that first appointment because now I have the hands of a normal person.”

- Shannon

“Starting from a simple visit to see Suzannah, realizing that she has helped me and my family from day one from a infection due to a dirty salon, to my husband losing hair and he had a bald patch that got bigger and bigger, and through Suzannah's advice and treatment he now has all his hair back! My 4 year old daughter had lumps on her neck and and nose and just within 4 weeks they are nearly all gone! My face oh dear yep 4 weeks and happy to wear no makeup except eye makeup and feel confident because the products you're using and the advice Suzannah gives can make you feel wonderful and beautiful! Why go anywhere else, thanks Suzannah honestly.”

- Jess 

"She can work miracles.... a person who I can truly trust, who is loyal and respectable to no fault."

"I was diagnosed with chronic disease and injuries at the age of 33. I have tried many specialists over the years and was only getting temporary fixes. I was also informed that surgery would be my only answer but I was too young to be operated on. So through the years I somehow managed my pain through these temporary fixes until I moved in 2006 and discovered Suzannah. Not only did I receive the help to manage my injuries and assist the chronic disease, I also found a person who I can truly trust, who is loyal and respectable to no fault. I have found Suzannah comes with a no nonsense approach and is direct, that is a quality I find enduring, as I have heard too many lies over the years. Through hard work on my both out parts and personalised scripts, Suzannah has been able to help me overcome my chronic disease, assist with becoming more mobile with my injuries to the point that I can run again, even though I was told by a bone specialist I would be in a wheelchair by the time I am 50. I chose to see Suzannah after exploring many options only to find that they too were temporary fixes. Now I feel more alive and live my life to the fullest. My skin is also glowing and I do get strangers giving me compliments, which at first was a little daunting. Suzannah gives to the community in her own unique way, whether employing youth that no one else wants to employ or assisting the needy with donations that she herself does. I find Suzannah an amazing young lady who is always ready to lend a helping hand and takes the time to explain everything so that I have an understanding of my body. I recommend that if you have tried and tried to get help and have never been able to receive the results that you want, please see Suzannah as she can work miracles.”

- Anna, client since 2006

“So happy to of found Suzannah! I was looking for something other than mainstream cosmetic band aid fix that only seem to add to the problem not help reduce it over time. Suzannah was very upfront with a no nonsense attitude. She was real, she was super knowledgeable and she was putting questions back onto me pushing me to question more. I had just previously purchased a skin care regime before finding Suzannah. She could of easily became a salesman and pushed me into buying her skin care range ditching my existing but she wanted me to finish the course so that I didn't waste my money. She didn't because that's not what Suzannah is about. I trust Suzannah's principles and I trust what she is about!”

​- Jenna

“Suzannah is such a wealth of knowledge! I have been a client of Suzannah's since 2014, and the results speak for themselves. I initially visited Suzannah to get better results out of my daily skin routine, now I go to Suzannah for all my skin and body advice. She is so knowledgeable and very direct, which is refreshing to deal with in this day and age. Thank you for looking after my skin needs 24/7 Suzannah you're a STAR!”

​- Stevie

“Suzannah thank you! I am so grateful and super excited to be finally getting the answers I have been looking for for soooo many years. No more steroid creams or endless tubes of creams promising miracles. In just one appointment Suzannah was able to explain and give me answers and I'm on the road to recovery. After one week my skin is so much better.”

- Riona 

“Thank you Suzannah for the level of care you offer me with my skin, it has never been happier before I met you. You truly are a genuine professional."

“Very happy with the service that we received from Suzannah the other day. The results are speaking for themselves. Would not hesitate to recommend Suzannah to everyone.”

“Hey Suzannah, I cannot believe the results from just 2 fluid treatments with you! I have been having lymphatic drainage treatments for years and never have I seen the results I'm seeing with you so quickly. The change in my skin and body shape is crazy awesome - thank you!” ​

- Lisa

“Suzannah and I have been meeting up for a while now and I can not thank her enough for helping me investigate the issues with my skin. I have never had someone look deeper than a quick fix to see exactly what the cause behind it all is. I am currently under a treatment program and seen positive results within a week of my first appointment. I’m so grateful to have met Suzannah and look forward to showcasing my end results! Suzannah you are a beautiful soul - thanks so much for giving me more than just a quick fix. See you real soon.”

- Tam

“There is just simply not enough time or words in the world to describe the MIRACLES Suzannah performs! From day one my health and wellbeing has been Suzannah’s first priority and to this day still is! You feel so at ease with no question too silly! Attending is almost an addiction; once you start you cannot simply stop! Persistence is the key, miracles do not happen overnight; however allow Suzannah the time to work with your skin and health and you will have NO REGRETS! If you have ever left an appointment with little or no answers to your ultimate health or skin questions please call Suzannah. Providing you with all your alternative and honest answers, some of which will blow your mind! Thanks Suzannah you are a hero!”​

- Amanda

“After five years of no answers from multiple doctors and specialists, I met Suzannah at the bridal expo early 2015. I decided to book in, and the next few months that followed blew my mind. The first appointment, I had the beginnings of an answer. After countless years of problems, and more tests than I can count, I wish I'd come across the work that Suzannah does sooner! I was finally getting answers, and results, immediately after each treatment. My treatments are getting further away, and will eventually die out, so I will have to find other excuses to continue to see Suzannah, who in my eyes, is nothing short of a miracle worker!”

- Malinda

“I have found Suzannah to be a lifesaver for my skin as a professional. As an individual, Suzannah is very caring - an angel really... Our city is so very lucky to have you! 12 months later and I am still impressed with the exceptionally high level of caring and knowledge I receive from Suzannah. No one else has ever delivered a good result for my poor skin - (25 years of dermatitis, sensitive/fragile skin, rosacea). Now on the path to good skin health. Thank you!”​

- Colleen

“Thank you! After a lifetime of increasing issues including weight gain, allergies and skin conditions we are finally seeing a change. It's so refreshing to have personal service that actually seeks to know OUR unique challenges and tailor a program to suit us individually. After hearing a constant mantra of gastric surgery from the medical profession to correct weight issues, and quick fix "here's a pill for that" we are receiving treatment that is tailored for us right down to a cellular level. Fluid retention, eczema, rosacea and hypoglycaemia issues all starting to correct after only three days and more changes to come I am sure! Even though we were on a waiting list for a year, we haven't been left there unassisted. Regular contact and full disclosure of program goals have made us feel that our health and longevity is valued by someone, and it has been worth the wait!”​

- Tracey

"She is crazy smart."

“I recently caught up with Suzannah. She is crazy smart and has dedicated her life's work to helping heal peoples' skin and body issues. As a skin health expert, she understands the body and works with your cells to help retrain them to act as they should, and so much more... She is helping me with my skin issues on my neck as a result of my autoimmune condition and helping improve my skin generally, including sun damage, glycation and pigmentation. I highly recommend Suzannah for your skin and body needs.”

- Marlies Hobbs, Paleo Cafe Founder

“I have suffered skin conditions for most of my life, so over the years I have seen many general and alternative practitioners and specialists. I have always attended their sessions, and undertaken their treatments with a positive attitude hoping for a cure. Unfortunately, I have been continually disappointed, and given up many times why my condition has not improved. From the moment I walked in the door of your rooms, and started talking to you I felt the friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and once again I was positive of a favourable outcome. This feeling only increased the more you spoke about how and why my skin has acted and reacted over the years. I found your knowledge on all things "skin", and your conviction to cure the cause, and not just treat the symptoms was so refreshing that I even felt a little emotional. Finally, I felt there was real hope of being rash free! If I had any criticism, which you welcome with open arms, it would be only a very minor one, and that is - I would have preferred to have been given some written instructions at my appointment. Your knowledge is overwhelmingly interesting, but it is so much to absorb and remember, and there is so much to discuss during consultation. I look forward to my appointments, and am excited to see the ongoing results. “

​Gail, 2016

“Excellent service and treatments from a very knowledgeable lady. Love that after two laser treatments, I am almost hair free. Highly recommend Suzannah for her real and honest expertise. Don't go anywhere else, choose the best first.”

​- Michelle H

“She is like heaven to everyone in need. From day one, Suzannah and her team have been there at every moment that I needed them for my husband. She is a vision of hope – with a knowledge that challenges general science. My Gary loves Suzannah and her team, from the dreary medical appointments, to walk into a haven where nothing is impossible. A place filled with love, and genuine care factor. From a muscle man to help Gary up the stairs, to an assistant who made sure everything was on track and ready for us, and then Suzannah, a complete angel to us. Her mind is on another level – sometimes I don’t even know that she realises how much she knows. She expects no recognition for the things she does, from research, constantly thinking about her client needs even after the appointment. with discoveries, or simple answers that no one else gave us. 

She has answered every call, whether it was two minutes after the other one, or been at midnight or 3:00am. Gary was referred to her for a second opinion, and now I find myself discovering things that were never found, about myself. My trust is in one and only, Suzannah. She is loyal, and honest to no end, an old soul who is passionate about leaving a positive impact wherever she goes.​ Suzannah.... we appreciate everything that you do. Very helpful and thoughtful. From the beginning, and no doubt until the end, you've been there for us. When we were down, you were strong like a tree. You offer so much. Thinking to help others, in your beautiful mind. Your qualities combined, are extremely rare. If anyone has been on the merry-go-round with little or no answers for their skin or health, please call Suzannah. She can provide you with alternative and honest answers. 

Thank you isn't enough for the outstanding kindness shown to us. 

The care and attention we have received was far beyond our expectation. We will return to her for all future health and skin care problems and refer you to everyone.“​

- Karen